6 Ways To Keep Your Condo Clean

There can be nothing better than coming back to a completely clean, clutter-free, and spotless home after a hard days work. You will not have to worry about having no where to sit as there are clothes all over the sofa, nor will you have to be careful while moving around trying to avoid stepping over stuffs lying around the floor.

If you are confused where or how to start, and can follow the below given 6 house cleaning tips that will help you keep your condo squeaky clean.

Put things back in its place after you have used it – this is a very simple tip, yet this tip alone can keep your condo clean enough. Generally, people avoid putting things away after using it because it is not easy to put it away. For instance, the shelf might be too high, the drawer might be too full, or the closet might be too crowded. Now, think about the things that you hate putting back on its original place the most. For example, if you keep your vacuum cleaner in the coat closet, and you have to move away lots of things to get it in and out, try and keep it somewhere which can be easily reached. Once you do this, not only will you keep your vacuum cleaner in place, you will likely use it to clean your home more often.

Keep things close to where you use it – you need to organize your home in a way that things stay close to where they will be used. Keep a marker in a kitchen drawer close to your freezer that you will use to mark the bagged leftovers, keep laundry detergent close to your washing machine and arrange your dishes close to the sink. The less the effort you need to make to put things away, the more you are likelier to actually put them away, thus keeping your condo clean.

Cleaning schedule – it might not take too much time to clean a small condo, but if you have a cleaning schedule, things will become much easier. For instance, one week can be devoted to cleaning your living room, and the following week you can clean your bedroom. It will be ideal to clean your bathroom and kitchen on the same days as you will be using some similar cleaning tools and products for both these areas.

Cleaning tools – having the correct tools makes the house cleaning job much easier. If you do not want to end up buying too many cleaning products, then select cleaners that are designed to be used on various surfaces (countertop, glass, wood). Do not like dusting? Select gadgets that make the cleaning job easier. For instance, mops that have disposable cleaning pads can make things more convenient.

Get rid of the stuff you do not need – there are sure to be such stuffs in your home that you will never use, no matter how much you love them. It is wise to get rid of such stuff, and you can either donate them somewhere, or gift it to a friend who will actually be using them. This will leave you with more free space where you can keep things you will actually be using.

Enjoy cleaning – as a kid, when you helped your mother clean the house, you perhaps had to follow rules like no music, and no watching TV. But now you do not need to follow any such rules. Turn on the TV or listen to some nice rocking music, and that will surely give you more energy and make the cleaning task much easier. If you need 12 hours to clean your condo, and you stop for sometime to order a pizza, or to watch your favorite football game, there is absolutely no harm. If we can enjoy, an otherwise boring task like cleaning, we are sure to perform better, and thus the results are also sure to be great.

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